The freedom of having a car when you need one at University without owning one.

With vehicles conveniently located on campus or nearby, Enterprise Car Club make it even easier for you reserve a car at a moment’s notice. We take care of tax, servicing & maintenance, fuel and more – so all you need to worry about is the driving.



Reserve cars by the hour at low rates starting from £6.20, you don’t even need to pay for fuel. Whether you need to do a weekly shop, get yourself to an interview or take a road trip with your friends, Enterprise Car Club can get you there.

Benefits & Requirements:

  • Under 22 Membership - Must be 19 and held driving licence for more than 1 year
  • Access to small and medium cars across 30 UK cities
  • Reserve cars in advance or at the last minute
  • International drivers licences accepted
  • Eliminate costs associated with owning a car
  • Only pay for the time you need a car

Things you need to know

The damage waiver excess on all our vehicles is £750. All our vehicles come with a damage evaluator tool, which we encourage you to use when you check the vehicle for any damage before you drive. If damage is caused during your reservation and it’s bigger than our damage tool, this is when the excess will be charged.

On the Under 22 plan, you can use any of our small and medium vehicles from 5am to 10pm.

During each reservation there is a mileage charge of 50p for U22’s and 21p for 22 and over on our standard membership plans.

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Give yourself peace of mind by giving your child access to a low-cost, safe alternative travel option.

With self-service cars available to reserve in advance or at the last minute, they can access cars to get their weekly shop, explore their new city or head to that important job interview. With cars in cities across the UK they will always be able to get around town safely.

It’s your world. Take the wheel today.

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Administrators & Staff

Enterprise Car Club is a great resource for both staff and students alike. Giving you access to alternative transportation while on campus.

  • Reduces the need for mileage reimbursement
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Green alternative
  • Dynamic fleet options

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Campus Benefits

  • Help reduce parking demand and congestion on campus
  • Help meet your sustainability goals
  • Programmes can be exclusive to Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • International driver’s licences accepted
  • Variety of vehicles available including hybrid and electric cars