About Enterprise
Car Club

Our Mission is to convert the way the Nation thinks about Travel

The first thing you should know about Enterprise Car Club is that we want to reduce car usage…no really, we do! By discouraging unnecessary trips and encouraging the use of public transport where possible, we will abolish the things we dislike the most – unnecessary cost, congestion and pollution.

People are very attached to their cars – after all the car is on average the second biggest purchase you will make in your life, car ownership has always been ‘normal’. This is finally changing as people ask themselves ‘how often do I actually need my car?’ You may go out for a few hours at the weekend, a weekly shop one evening, pick the kids up from school, etc. Yet people continue to pay thousands of pounds a year running and maintaining their vehicles to just sit dormant on the driveway.

Mind-sets are changing in favour of a more economical and environmentally sustainable option. Imagine never having to pay for break down cover, fuel, repairs, servicing, MOT’s, or excessive insurance premiums ever again with the added bonus of doing something nice for the planet.

We are Britain’s largest privately held car club providing thousands of members with access to hundreds of self-service vehicles across 17 different cities every day, 24/7/365. We allow our customers to hire our vehicles for as little or as long as they like (min half an hour). With prices starting at just £4.95 an hour you really can’t go wrong.



If this seems like something that would suit your lifestyle – come join our club and experience the benefits of a life free from car ownership.Not only do we save you money, we also offer you a wide range of vehicle types, and have a varied fleet of over 950 vehicles (small, large, 7 seaters, hybrids, automatics and even vans). Can you get up in a morning, press a button and turn your car into a van or a seven seat or perhaps even a car so small it will fit into almost any city centre parking space? Well Enterprise Car Club members can do just that – meaning they have the perfect vehicle to meet their needs on a day to day basis.