Making a Difference


Central to the Enterprise way of doing thing are a set of Guiding Principles. These values underpin our day-to-day interactions with customers, vendors, community partners and one another. One of these founding values embodies our commitment to “strengthen our communities, one neighbourhood at a time”. Enterprise Car Club delivers on this on many fronts. Our fleet of electric, hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles bring environmental benefits as we helping improve air quality.  The provision of the service helps ease local congestion as the overall number of vehicles on the road is reduced. And we collaborate with local councils, developers, planners, businesses and other providers of shared transport to better shape the future of mobility.  We also heavily involve ourselves in local and national charitable initiatives, as well as invest in innovation that develops new renewable fuels. 

We’ve been recognised over and over again for our commitment to sustainability, and we’re proud that by embodying our core beliefs we are making a difference. 


Environmental Benefits

At Enterprise, sustainability is more than just a popular business term. Our electric, hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles on average produce 43% less Co2 from tailpipe emissions than the average UK car*, helping reduce emissions. We also work with a range of public sector authorities and planning developers to rethink the ways that people travel. We were a founding member of the Urban Mobility Partnership, a ground-breaking multi-modal partnership which aims to shape the future of urban mobility in a way that will improve air quality and consumer’s lives.

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Community Impact

Each car club car on the road displaces 10.5 private cars and defers 12 private car purchases*, meaning the more car club wheels that hit the tarmac, the fewer cars there are on the roads overall. Not only does this improve air quality, but it helps to ease local congestion. Enterprise Car Club also makes car rental more affordable and accessible by offering rental to those between 19-25yo, and by offering an hourly pay-as-you-go model. Away from the more operational benefits communities see, Enterprise raises funds for many local and national charities, as well as supporting inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

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Shared Transport

Enterprise plays an instrumental role in changing the way we all travel. We work not only with individuals directly, but also with corporates, developers, planners, public sector organisations, and other shared transport providers to drive a tangible modal shift towards shared transport. To this end we collaborate with other bus, rail, tram, bike hire and travel planning apps to facilitate the dovetailing of networks and the sharing of mobility across networks. We also have pioneered the creation of the ground-breaking multi-modal Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP) which seeks shape the future of urban mobility in a way that will improve air quality and consumer’s lives.

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