Whether it's a fully electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid, or a standard hybrid, Enterprise Car Club has got you covered.

We're focused on developing our environmentally-friendly travel options - that's why over 45% of our vehicles are electric or hybrids. With the soaring popularity of EV’s, our aim is to continuously increase this mobility option for our members.

Carry on reading to find out the benefits of fully electrifying your travel!

Reduced Mileage

All of our full EV's have reduced mileage costs, meaning you'll only pay 5p per mile!

Congestion Zone

One of the many perks of driving an electric vehicle is being exempt from the London congestion zone!

Zero Emissions

Having a fully electric engine means these vehicles don't produce any tailpipe emissions!

Quieter Drive

EV's are so quiet that you wont even realise the ignition is on!

Fun and Easy

EV's are the perfect city car; quick off the mark and easy to manouvre.

How to use an EV

  • Using one of our EV's is as easy as any other Enterprise Car Club vehicle, plus we've created simple to use guides, perfect for when you need a little extra help and assistance. (You can find them listed further down).
  • You can book any of our vehicles through our website or top-rated mobile app, simply filter your search to electric vehicles or hybrids to find options near you.
  • Instead of a fuel card, all of our electric cars come with a charge card. Simply use this to unplug the charging cable from the post and then you are ready to go. (But don't forget to take the cable with you!)
  • Just like vehicles with a fuel range, our EV's will display how many miles you have left until the charge runs out, so don't forget to keep an eye out for this!
  • At the end of the booking, using the charge card, simply plug the charging cable back in to the post and the vehicle so that it can be kept charging ready for the next user. Failure to do so carries a penalty of £30 plus. See the Other Charges page for more details.


A Guide to Recharging

  • All of our electric vehicle bays have a dedicated charging post.
  • You'll find the charge card located in the glove box of the vehicle.
  • To disconnect the vehicle from the charging post, simply hold the card over the post until the light turns green - you'll then be able to unplug the cable. So that you can charge up throughout your rental, please remember to take the charging cable with you.
  • There's plenty of EV charging operators across the UK (meaning plenty of choice for you!) - most of our vehicles have a card that works on the Chargemaster network. If you use a charging post from a different operator you can easily claim back the cost via our mobile app.
  • Whilst on your journey, you can check out ZapmapEcotricityCharge Your Car or Google Maps to locate your nearest charging post; perfect for pre-planning your pit stops!
  • Most of our EV's can run up to 100 miles on one charge, however this can vary depending on your speed, AirCon usage, driving style, radio usage and heating usage. (We've recently introduced the latest model of the Nissan Leaf which can run up to 190 miles per charge! Find out more here).
  • Our vehicles typically take about 4 hours to full charge, however this can vary depending on if you are charging at a high-speed charger.


Nissan Leaf Live Charge State & Mileage Range

To help you plan your journey, when booking our latest model 2018/2019 Nissan Leaf cars our booking platform will now show you what percentage of the battery is charged and a mileage range estimate. You’ll be able to view this when making a reservation via the desktop or on the app. You will see the vehicles battery percentage under the vehicle information section.

How accurate will this be?

While on charge, the values will update every 15 minutes. While NOT on charge, the values will update every hour. The vehicle will not update while being driven.

The readings are estimates, and we advise members to review the below to inform their assessment.


EV Make and Model

Battery (KW/H)

Manufacturer range at 100% (ideal conditions)

30% reduction of 100% charge for driving style and real world conditions *

Nissan LEAF 14/15 plate




Nissan LEAF 69 plate





*Assuming two people, motorway driving ~65mph, winter conditions. More details are available from the Nissan website - click here.


The new Nissan Leaf

We've recently introduced the latest model of the Nissan Leaf. This vehicle has a range of 190 miles. The vehicle also now has an e-pedal feature. The e-Pedal allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal. The e-Pedal is activated and deactivated by a switch in the centre console. Check out this video for more information on the e-Pedal.

Starting the new Nissan Leaf is a little different to previous versions. To start the new Nissan Leaf please enter your PIN, remove the key from the pin pad, press the brake and hold the key against the start button. After 5 seconds, push the power button. The vehicle can now be driven. To find out more on how to drive the new Nissan Leaf, click here.


Want to find out more?

We checked in with one of our members to find out about his epic electric experience driving from London to the Isle of Wight. You can read his story (complete with tips) here.

Find out more


Ease yourself in to electric with one of our Hybrid vehicles...

Not 100% sure on testing out a full EV just yet? No problem, at Enterprise Car Club we offer a number of EV alternatives that are part electric, part fuel engine; perfect for those still getting used to the idea of a fully electric car. You can either opt for the next best thing; a plug-in hybrid, such as our Toyota Plug-in Prius, or simply a standard hybrid, like the Toyota C-HR or Toyota Yaris. You'll find some of our vehicle options below.


View our handy how-to guides:

If you're in need of a little more guidance to familarise yourself with our full EV's, plug-in hybrids and standard hybrids, then check out our vehicle guides below. You'll also find them attached to your booking confirmation and printed in our vehicles.

Check out these useful videos by the Energy Savings Trust to find out more about the Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius.

For more information about how Enterprise Car Club's Car Sharing program works, please read more here.

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