Use your Corporate Account to Unlock Complimentary Personal Membership 

If you have corporate Enterprise Car Club membership through your place of work, you can get personal Enterprise Car Club membership for FREE - paying no joining fees in your first year. This means that not only can you access any dedicated vehicles based at your offices and/or our network of vehicles across the UK for work journeys, but you can also drive our 1,300+ strong fleet of publicly available cars and vans in your free time. Rental starts from £3.23/hr* and vehicles are located on streets, in public car parks and Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches across 220+ UK towns, cities and communities. Membership includes vehicle tax, servicing, MOT, damage protection and fuel. So, its hassle-free motoring as and when you need it.

To claim your first year’s free personal membership, you must obtain your company’s discount promotional code. You can do this by asking your company’s internal Transport Manager. Once you have the relevant promotional code, follow the link below, select your location & preferred plan, and enter the promotional code when completing the enrolment form. Please note that the enrolment form for personal membership is slightly more extensive than that which you completed to obtain your corporate membership – you will, for example, be asked to share a photograph of yourself holding your driver’s licence for verification purposes.

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*Hourly rate based on a UK 24/hr rental average, excluding mileage, on the standard plan as at 08/01/2024

Two Memberships in One App

Once you have both corporate and personal memberships, you will be able to unlock enhanced functionality on our android or iOS smartphone app. This will allow you to seamlessly switch between your corporate and personal accounts to ensure that you can always access our booking system, whether it’s for business or pleasure, without having to log in and out. To enable this function, you need to link your accounts. This can be done by contacting our Clubhouse team by phone or email. Alternatively, you can complete this Link My Accounts form and one of the team will get back to you.

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