Running late? We are improving the app and making late fees simpler


Running late can happen to us all. That's why, having listened to customer feedback, we are making it easier to monitor and amend your booking using the Enterprise Car Club app. We are simplifying any fees you may incur. These changes will take place from 14th November 2022, and more information can be found below.


Changes to the mobile app:

The mobile app will update your reservation to highlight when you are close to the end of your allotted time, or if you have gone over that time. It will also allow you to amend your reservation, extending it at a click of a button, so long as your vehicle has not already been booked by another member. This will now be possible even if your reservation has past it’s end time. Though we continue to urge you take action to extend your booking before the end of your reservation to reduce the fees you may incur and best allow us to make alternative arrangements for any inconvenienced member.

Changes to late fees

To make late fees easier to estimate, from the 14th November, we are removing the per-minute charge and replacing it with a set of finite fees – see picture. Such penalty fees are charged on top of any additional rental time when you are either extending a booking after your reservation end time (beyond your original reservation time) or when your extension conflicts with another member’s booking.

*These fees may also be charged multiple times to a single reservation if you extend a single reservation multiple times.

Where a vehicle in unavailable to extend in the app due to a conflicting booking, the member can only amend their reservation by calling the Clubhouse. Amending the reservation would also be subject to the standard reservation/extension charge of £1.50 per call between 08:00 – 21:00 and £5 per call between 21:00 – 08:00. Enterprise Car Club also reserve the right to pass on the cost of alternate travel if another member is inconvenienced.

For more information on how late fees work, and to see the new late fee schedule check out the Membership Policies & Other Charges page.

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