Protecting Yourself From Scams

Keeping your data and personal details safe and secure is incredibly important to us. To support these efforts we ask that members, and those considering membership, also take precautions, keeping in mind the below. 

Never Share Your PIN or Password with Anyone (not even us!)

As highlighted in our terms and conditions, you must never share the 4-digit PIN you create when you become a member. Similarly, you must never share the password you use to log into our desktop or mobile app to make or amend a booking. Do not share this information with other people, Car Club members, or someone claiming to be an Enterprise Car Club employee – our representatives will never ask you to disclose such details. We would only ask you to share your membership ID number and, if talking over the phone with our Clubhouse team, you may be asked a random selection of verification questions, but again this would not involve revealing your 4-digit PIN or password.


We Have a Formal Recruitment Process

Before joining Enterprise Car Club as an employee, the employee will have gone through a formal recruitment process. This will include an application form being completed through our career’s website, for the specific job role that the employee had applied for.

Once the application is submitted, the candidate will then be contacted by one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists for a formal interview followed by a face-to-face interview with the relevant hiring manager. If successful, the candidate will then receive a job offer from our Talent Acquisition specialist’s business email account (

At no point do we ask for any form of payment from our candidates going through the recruitment process.

All equipment needed to fulfil the duties of the role that the employee is employed to do, including training and PPE, will be provided by Enterprise Car Club. 

If In Doubt, Reach Out for Clarification & Support

Cybercriminals may target prospective employees or members through spoofed social media accounts, websites, email addresses etc. So may sure you carefully check their validity before engaging and sharing any information.

If you wish to verify the legitimacy of a message, email or phone call that you receive from an individual claiming to be from Enterprise Car Club (or any other Enterprise Holdings brand), you can contact the Enterprise Car Club Clubhouse team on 0345 266 9290 or email us at

​If you receive what you suspect are scam calls or messages you should also file a report with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Other useful resources include;


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General Best Practise: Protecting yourself from scams


  • Do not respond to text messages and calls from unknown and suspicious numbers.
  • ​Do not transfer money to people even if they claim to be representing a company unless you have fully verified the transfer
  • ​Do not share personal and sensitive information such as your bank account/credit card details, passport number or phone number unless you are certain they are an official channel
  • Do not click on any links within the message until you have verified that the message you received is from a legitimate source.