Enterprise is committed to preserving the environment

At Enterprise, sustainability is more than just a popular business term. Beyond our selection of electric, hybrid, and fuel-efficient vehicles, we are rolling up our sleeves, looking at every footprint, and trying our best to help lead a charge. Following the example set by our founders, we remain relentlessly focused on using the power of our global network to meet the needs of our customers, our communities, and the environment. As our network continues to grow and vehicle technologies and consumer preferences change, we remain committed to fostering innovation and ensuring that the automobile remains a vital and accessible mode of transportation.

That's why we deliver transportation alternatives right where people live and work. Our car club is a natural extension of the local car rental service that Enterprise has pioneered in the UK over the last 20 years. We have a wide selection of vehicles, including hybrid electric vehicles, that are friendlier to the environment while still getting you where you need to be.

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Car sharing with Enterprise Car Club

Join where you live and access car sharing vehicles right across the UK. Learn more about car sharing with Enterprise Car Club. By parking pay-as-you-go vehicles on streets, car parks and Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches, members can access vehicles via a smart phone app 24/7, every day of the year.

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