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With a growing presence in 19 cities across the UK, manage your staff travel better by accessing our self-service ‘virtual’ fleet, developing a dedicated use plan, or any combination of these to suit your business.

Managing Your Transportation Provision

We have the resource, expertise and infrastructure to manage all aspects of a fleet for your business including:



Telematics procurement, installation and management into Enterprise Car Club vehicles, or vehicles owned by your organisation


Vehicle maintenance, safety checking and valeting

24/7 Support

We offer you 24/7 fleet management support.


Reservation system including online, mobile and iOS platforms.


Management of driving record and licence checks with the DVLA.


Dedicated Use

Ideal for any business looking for an alternative to pool cars or grey fleet solutions. 

This guarantees your business sole access to vehicles of your choice in your area.

Proves a highly cost-effective means of business travel and reduces the administrative burden of fleet management all while guaranteeing your staff have access to a vehicle when they need it 


Virtual Fleet

We can configure your solution to create a virtual pool car for your business.

You only pay for the time you actually use our vehicles, not while they are idle.

This means you have the flexibility to increase, decrease and cease your usage depending on your changing business priorities and projects.


Dedicated Use & Virtual Fleet

A Hybrid Solution

One that includes exclusive access to vehicles on site, plus access to a network of vehicles in and around your city as well as the rest of the uk.


"Leeds City Council was one of the first councils to back the setup of a car club and has used the car club since 2004. It is the perfect complement to existing public transport networks within the city. Cars are parked just outside our offices and can be reserved for as little as an hour, offering a very flexible solution for our staff to go to meetings or undertake site visits. Staff take responsibility of their own reservations, reducing administration, while itemised bills allow us to accurately monitor our car club usage and budget transport costs. Low emission car club cars help to reduce congestion and pollution within the city and encourage Leeds City Council staff to commute sustainably, as they can now use the Car Club whenever they need a car for work purposes.”

Ray Hill, Senior Transport Planner, Leeds City Council (Travelwise)

"We have been advocates of Enterprise Car Club for a number of years and it has been a great addition to our transport plan. It provides the business with access to a cost-effective and convenient means of travel.”

Oliver Lampkin, Executive Consultant, Marks Sattin

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