How Enterprise Car Club Differs to Norfolk Car Club


From the 6th of May, the car club in Norwich will be run by Enterprise Car Club in partnership with Norfolk County Council, as the city's official provider. For more information on the transition of Enterprise Car Club to the official provider, please click hereHere on this dedicated webpage, we hope to tell you all you need to know about how we might differ.

Please take note of the two following key differences between Enterprise Car Club and Norfolk Car Club:

1) Use the Enterprise Car Club app to unlock and lock the vehicle - No more rummaging around for membership cards in bags, wallets or purses, or realising you have let your card at home. 
2) During your booking use the keys to lock and unlock the vehicle - With Enterprise Car Club the keys can leave the vehicle.  Simply use the app at the beginning and end of your booking to unlock and lock the vehicle. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for below, we have compiled some handy resources with further information on how the service works to help our customers, both new and existing: Frequently Asked Questions, User Guides, and/or our handy How to Video Guides.

How We Differ

  • Joining

  • Joining Age

    Enterprise Car Club allow members to join from as young as 19 years (on the under 22 plan which is £7/month) with 1 years driving experience (held their full UK license for 1+ year), whereas your previous car club may have had a minimum age to join of 21 years with 2+ years driving experience.

  • Overseas Driving Licenses Accepted

    At Enterprise Car Club we accept any nationality of driving license for the duration that they are valid in the UK.

  • Membership

  • Membership plans & Monthly Fees

    Your previous car club used to charge a £25 joining fee, along with a £5 monthly charge if you do not make and complete a reservation for a respective month. On the other hand, Enterprise Car Club membership subscriptions come with the option for either monthly or annual billing for the membership fee. Standard monthly costs £7/month, whilst standard annual is £60/year. If you are new to Enterprise Car Club and have a ‘NR’ postcode we have two promotions you may wish to make use of as you open a membership, for more information click here.

  • Wider Choice of Membership Plans

    Enterprise Car Club have a wider array of membership plans, with monthly and annual options, Standard+ offering 60 free miles a day and even a discounted vans only plan. To see all the membership plans on offer in Norwich & Norfolk click here.

  • No Minimum Monthly Spend

    At Enterprise Car Club you will not be charged a dormant account fee if you do not rent within a particular month, so if you do sign up using one of our discounted annual membership offers there’s no hidden or surprise monthly cost.

  • Additional Drivers

    Yes, you can add an additional driver to your account for half price annual membership. Please note that you must both reside at the same address and that any usage/fees relating to either yourself or your additional driver's reservations will be debited from the same payment source. 

  • Booking

  • No Waiting to Make Your First Reservation

    With Enterprise Car Club you can make your first reservation as soon as your application is approved, there’s no need to wait up to 2 weeks for any membership pack as may have had to with your previous provider.

  • Making a Reservation

    With Enterprise Car Club you can book at a moment’s notice, online or on the app, in advance or on the go. Our mobile app is the ideal booking companion, making it easy to view vehicle locations and availability in proximity to your location or a chosen location.

  • Accessing the Vehicles

  • Accessing the Vehicle With the App

    Enterprise Car Club's enhanced IOS/Android app functionality allows you to unlock and lock vehicles at the beginning and end of a reservation, removing the need to remember to bring any membership card with you.

  • Locating the Keys

    At Enterprise Car Club the vehicle keys are also located in the glovebox – however, rather than being located in the top left of the glovebox, they are situated in the back of a keyholder inside the glovebox. There will be a ‘fob’ attached to the keys which is inserted into the back of the keyholder which holds the keys in place. 

  • Using the Vehicles

  • Using the Keys During Your Reservation

    With Enterprise Car Club once you have started your reservation and mobilised the car, you will continue to use the keys as you would with a regular car for the duration of your reservation. You will use the keys to lock/unlock the vehicle until ending your reservation, at which point you will return them to the keyholder in the glove box (using the fob attached) and end your reservation using the app.

  • Access to the UK’s Largest Car Club Network

    Here at Enterprise Car Club we have over 1,500 vehicles located in 180+ towns, cities, and communities in the UK, meaning you’ve got far greater travel options when around the UK.

  • Greater Choice of New Vehicles

    We have a wide range of vehicles from various different manufacturers and have compiled some handy vehicle guides to help you familiarise yourself with your reserved vehicle. See our full range of vehicles and vehicle guides here.

  • Vehicles Cleaned More Regularly

    At Enterprise Car Club we visit our vehicles every 7 - 14 days for cleaning. The meticulousness of this cleaning process is backed by the ‘Standard of Care’. This covers vacuuming, general wipe down, and sanitising with disinfectant. In between these cleans we ask members to adhere to the ‘Car Club Code’, keeping vehicles clean, removing rubbish and leaving vehicles as they’d themselves would like to find them.

  • Billing

  • Simpler Payments

    Enterprise Car Club will charge for your booking in a single transaction the morning after your reservation ends, and will provide you with an invoice at the end of each month outlining your total costs for the month passed.

  • Lower Cancellation Fees

    Your previous provider may have allowed free cancelation up to 2 hours prior to your booking start time, but anything within that period, or after your start time would incur the full cost of the reservation. However, at Enterprise Car Club we offer free cancellation up to 5 hours before your booking, but anything within that or after the start time would incur a fee for the cost of the reservation up to a maximum of £30.00.

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