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Why Enterprise Car Club?


✓ Access 1,400+ vehicles across the UK 24/7

✓ Drive a wide range of vehicles

✓ Fuel & roadside assistance is included 

✓ Physical Damage/Liability Protection is included with an excess of £750 as standard

✓ 24/7 Clubhouse telephone support


✓ Book by the hour or day, in advance or on the go

✓ Hourly rental charges are capped at the day rate

✓ Cancel your reservation for FREE up to 5 hours before your reservation

**Black Friday Sale**


New members can get their first year’s membership for JUST £10 & get £10 FREE driving credit*. Simply enter the promo code ' BLACK2020 ' when enrolling on the standard annual plan. 

*Terms & Conditions apply.


COVID-19 Update: To accommodate our enhanced cleaning regime we’ve made some small tweaks to the app and website booking processes. Find out more here

Keighley Membership Options

Choose a plan below. Once approved, you'll be able to access the vehicles with your phone App or any contactless card.

Enhanced Plan

Lower rental rates unlocked by a higher membership fee
For frequent users

Rates in the North East start from



Standard Plan

Pay standard rental rates with monthly or annual membership
For casual users

Rates in the North East start from



  • Monthly membership fee



  • Annual membership fee



Under 22 Plan

For those aged between 19-21 y.o. with 1 years driving history
For young users

Rates in the North East start from



Offers for Keighley Residents


Business rate plans are also available


We provide customised plans that allow you and your company to decrease travel expenses, increase productivity and meet sustainability goals, all while taking advantage of our business plans with reduced rates and fees.

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