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  • Accounts & Joining

  • How do I join?

    Join today in just a few minutes by completing our online application form. The Clubhouse team will then call you to finalise your application, and you can be on the road the same day you're approved.

  • Who can join?

    In order to join Enterprise Car Club you must be 19 or over. 

    You must have had your full driving licence for 1 year if under the age of 22. If you’re 22 and over, you can join as soon as you have a full licence.

    There are no upper age limits.

  • I have a non-UK driving license, can I still join?

    Absolutely. We can accept any nationality of driving licence for the duration that they are valid in the UK.

  • I have some driving offences, can I still join?

    Yes, as long as your driving licence is valid in the UK and you meet our other requirements, you are welcome to join Enterprise Car Club.

  • I am a young driver. Can I use Enterprise Car Club?

    Yes, if you are between the ages of 19 and 21 and have held your full licence for a minimum of 1 year, you can become a member on our ‘Under 22‘ membership plan. On the Under 22 plan, you can use any of our small and medium vehicles from 5am to 10pm.

  • I'm a disabled driver, can I still join?

    Absolutely – just as long as you have a current, valid driving licence. Please contact our Clubhouse team on 0345 266 9290 if you have any further questions.

  • I have a disability, how can Enterprise Car Club support me?

    Enterprise Car Club offers its members a wide selection of vehicles - from large to small, from manual to automatic. The specification of the vehicles available can be clearly identified and selected by member before making a reservation either on the mobile app or desktop webpage.  If you’re not yet a member call or email the Enterprise Car Club Clubhouse to confirm the locations of the vehicles which suit you best.


    Where accommodating your needs requires more bespoke support we similarly ask you to get in touch. This time by contacting the Enterprise customer service team via freephone 0800-633-5665 or customerservice@ehi.com. The team are happy to help and can, for example, arrange for a range of hand control driving devices to be installed, surrogate drivers to be added your account and/or specially adapted vehicles to be provided. To best meet your needs, making every reasonable accommodation, we may work in partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car – where Enterprise Car Club members can get 10% off. We ask nevertheless that you allow sufficient time for special arrangements to be made.

  • What if I am a member of another car club?

    We actually offer £1 membership for the first year if you are coming from another car club. To get your £1 membership simply enter the promo code COMP600 on our online application form. To verify that you already hold a different membership, once you have submitted your application form to join Enterprise Car Club, please email membership@enterprisecarclub.co.uk to provide proof that you are a member of another UK based car club. We only need to see the letterhead, date and your name on this proof.

    Please be aware that this offer is not applicable if you are joining our ‘Under 22’ membership plan. For more information call our Clubhouse team on 0345 266 9290.

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  • Can I add a partner of my account?

    Yes, you can add a partner to your account for just £30 per year. They will be issued with their own membership card. Please note that you must both reside at the same address and that any usage/fees relating to either yourself or your partner’s reservations will be debited from the same payment source.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    If for some reason you believe that Enterprise Car Club isn’t right for you, cancelling your membership is easy. Simply fill in this form and we'll contact you to cancel your membership.

  • Vehicle Locations

  • Will I have access to all of your vehicles across the UK?

    Of course, this is a major benefit of being a member of Enterprise Car Club as we have the largest network of club vehicles across 170+ cities and communities. Members can access vehicles in any city in which we operate. Off on business? Travelling to see family and friends? Reserve your Enterprise Car Club vehicle online and pick it up at your destination.

  • What types of vehicles are available?

    Members have a wide range of vehicles to choose from – small city cars, medium hatchbacks, larger estate vehicles, electric vehicles, easy to park small vans and larger vans. Members on our Under 22 plan have access to small and medium category vehicles only.

  • There isn't a car or van near me - can I request one?

    We’re always expanding our network of vehicles so do keep checking our website for the latest updates. To let us know that you would like a vehicle near you please email our locations team at locations@enterprisecarclub.co.uk.

  • Pricing

  • How much does under 22 membership cost?

    Our ‘Under 22’ membership plan is £6 a month (no one off annual membership fee) with a minimum 30 day contract. Our rates are slightly different with younger drivers – standard hourly rates increase by £1 and daily rates are not applicable.

  • How does the pricing work?

    You pay a simple hourly/daily rate for the time you reserve the vehicle plus a mileage charge of 21p per mile on cars or 27p per mile on vans*. We’ll take care of the breakdown cover, insurance, MOT’s, servicing, and cleaning, leaving you to just enjoy the drive. The estimated cost of your trip (less any mileage charges) will be displayed before you confirm each reservation. To give you peace of mind, our price guarantee means we charge you the daily rate if it is lower than the hourly rate. This daily cap will only be applied to one reservation per day.


    * based on our Standard or Van Only plans. Under 22 and Electric Vehicle mileage costs vary.

  • How is mileage calculated?

    The in-car computers calculate exactly how many miles have been driven during your reservation so we can charge you accurately for your trip.

  • How do I pay you?

    Payments will be taken from your card the morning after your reservation ends via Continuous Payment Authorisation. You can keep track of all your reservations, payments and invoices online by clicking ‘Account’ after logging in. Keeping control of your transport budget has never been easier. We will always give you at least 14 days’ notice of any other charges to be applied to your account such as parking tickets, Congestion Charges or excess payments.

    Existing members if you would like to move to our daily payment system please contact us by email or calling 0345 266 9290.

  • Do I need to add fuel to the vehicle?

    Refueling the car club vehicle is the responsibility of our members, however our members are not charged themselves; we take care of that!  We do ask our members to refuel the vehicle when it drops below ¼ tank during their reservation for ease and convenience for the following member. Our members must ensure they are refueling with the correct fuel type. You will find a fuel payment card in the glovebox. After you have refueled the vehicle, take a note of the current mileage on the dashboard, and use the fuel payment card at the payment kiosk to pay. Once paid, return the fuel payment card to the computer in the glovebox along with the receipt. 

  • What happens when I need to fill the vehicle with fuel?

    All of our vehicles are equipped with a fuel card (you’ll find it inside the glovebox or on the side of the dashboard, to the right of the steering wheel). Please note this is only visible when the drivers side door is open.

    Check whether the vehicle takes petrol or diesel, fill up the vehicle as normal and hand the fuel card over to the cashier along with the current mileage of the vehicle.

    We ask our members to return the vehicles with at least a quarter tank of fuel for the convenience of the next member. Please note that there is an £80 limit per transaction on our fuel cards.

    Our vehicles in London now have special chip-and-PIN fuel cards. Members refuelling these vehicles will need to enter a unique 4-digit PIN when using the card at petrol stations. You’ll find the unique 4 digit pin on your booking confirmation email. For optimised security these codes will regularly change so please refer to this email with each new booking.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Clubhouse on 0345 266 9290.

  • What is continuous payment authorisation (CPA)?

    Continuous Payment Authority transactions are a form of regular payment. When you provide Enterprise Car Club with your card details you in turn are authorising us to take payments for using our service via our daily payment system.

  • How do I track my payments?

    It’s easy to keep track of your account by simply logging in and viewing your ‘Account’ area online.

  • London congestion charging - do I have to pay this?

    If you use one of our Enterprise Cars whose home is inside the zone, we will cover the full cost of the Congestion Charge. Enterprise Car Club vehicles based outside the London Congestion Zone, driven into the zone during charging hours, will need to pay the TFL Charge of £11.50. The Congestion Charge is applicable Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 18:00.

    You are required directly to pay the charge yourself as the vehicles are not registered with Transport for London. Failure to do so will result in TFL penalties plus an admin charge of £30.

  • Who pays for a traffic ticket?


    The member is responsible for paying for all tolls, traffic or parking tickets while using an Enterprise Car Club vehicle.


  • I don't understand my invoice.

    For further information on your invoice please click here.

  • Insurance

  • Insurance - is this included?

    Yes, all our vehicles are insured for our members to drive. Third party and passenger liability cover is in place. A damage waiver excess of £750 applies if you do have a bump, but you’ll only have to pay this if the accident is deemed to be your fault or a third party can’t be traced.

    If the repair cost is less than the applicable excess, you’ll only need to pay that amount.

    If you are over 22 you may be able to reduce your excess to just £100, simply enter your member ID on this form or by calling the Clubhouse team on 0345 266 9290.

    Damage waiver excess charges for business members may vary, please contact Clubhouse for more information. 

  • Do I need my own insurance?

    If you have a personal membership (with your own personal payment details), all of our vehicles are insured so you do not need to take any insurance out to drive our cars or vans. As standard our vehicles have a £750 excess; we do have damage waiver options if you are 22 or over for an additional annual or monthly fee. These options are explained during the membership registration process.


    If you have any questions about our insurance and damage waiver options please call the Clubhouse team for further details on 0345 266 9290.


    If you are a member of a corporate account please check with your employer or Enterprise Car Club account manager for details about your insurance cover.

  • How does insurance work?

    All our vehicles are insured for our members to drive. A damage waiver excess of £750 applies.

    If you are over 22 you may be able to reduce your excess to just £100, simply enter your member ID on this form or by calling the Clubhouse team on 0345 266 9290.

  • Can I reduce my Excess?

    The standard excess on all of our vehicles is £750. This means that in the event of an accident, this is the amount you would be liable to pay – but only if the accident is at fault, or the third party cannot be traced. We do however give our members the option to reduce this excess for extra peace of mind to £100 for just £90/year or £10/month, meaning you’ll never pay more than £100 for a claim.This can be done by contacting the Clubhouse on 0345 266 9290 or sending us a request here.

  • Can I use the vehicle for business use?

    Yes. Our insurance covers you for personal and business usage. Take a look at our ‘car clubs for business‘ page to see how Enterprise Car Club could save your business money as well as being a more convenient and cost optimal travel solution.

  • What should I do if I get into an accident?

    You must report any traffic accident involving personal injury, loss, damage, or theft to the police immediately and to Enterprise Car Club (on 0345 266 9290) as soon as practically possible.

    The police reference number allocated must be provided. You must not admit liability or guilt in the event of an accident or promise to pay any third party or attempt any repair.

  • Do your vehicles have breakdown cover?

    As our vehicles are all new, reliable and serviced on a regular basis, a breakdown is unlikely. However all cars and vans are covered for breakdown and recovery assistance. In the event of a breakdown please call our 24/7 Clubhouse line on 0345 266 9290.

    Please note – dependent upon the circumstances you may be liable for any costs incurred ie misfuelling a petrol vehicle with diesel.

  • Driving

  • Where in the UK can I drive my Enterprise Car Club vehicle?

    You can drive your vehicle anywhere across the UK mainland and Isle of Wight (we currently do not allow travel to any other non-mainland parts of the UK without written permission from Enterprise Car Club). At the end of the reservation the vehicle must always be returned to its bay from which the reservation started. If you would like to check where you can take your vehicle to, please contact Clubhouse for further advice.

  • Where can I park during my reservation?

    During your reservation you are responsible for parking the vehicle legally and safely, as you would your own. Any parking fees/fines are your responsibility and need to be paid directly by yourself. You cannot park in other car club bays or leave your own vehicle in a car club bay whilst on your reservation (civil enforcement officers will think you’re blocking the bay and will decorate your vehicle with an unattractive yellow ticket – no one wants that).

    In partnership with Edinburgh City Council, members can also enjoy 2 hours free parking in any residential parking bay or council managed public parking in Edinburgh during their reservation. Please contact Edinburgh City Council for further details.

    Additionally, Enterprise Car Club vehicles issued with a permit by the Royal Borough of Kensignton and Chelsea may park in residents parking bays throughout the borough free of charge.

  • Can I take a van to the tip/recycling centre?

    Yes, you can take a van to the tip/recycling centre to drop off any residential household waste. 

    Each local authority is different, so please make sure you check the permit requirements with your local council prior to booking the vehicle.

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  • What if the vehicle is damaged before I drive?

    To ensure you are not charged for any damage you have not caused, you must check the vehicle BEFORE you drive using our easy to use damage evaluator tool located inside the glovebox. If the damage evaluator indicates the damage should be reported please let the Clubhouse team know BEFORE you drive by calling 0345 266 9290 or call for free from the on-board PIN pad.

  • How do I get into the vehicle?

    Use the Enterprise Car Club app to unlock the vehicle from your phone. Alternatively place your contactless card over the card reader in the windscreen and wait for the green light to appear. To get the vehicle keys, enter your PIN number (which you would have set when you joined) into the PIN pad located in the glovebox. During your reservation make sure you lock and unlock the vehicle with the vehicle keys as you would in any other vehicle.

  • How do I turn on the engine with a keyless fob?

    For security reasons, we've adjusted the proximity limits between the keyless fob and the engine start/stop button in our keyless vehicles. This means that for the vehicle to detect the key, the key must be held closely to the engine start/stop button. This will allow the engine to start up.

  • Are we responsible for cleaning the vehicle?


    An Enterprise representative will clean your vehicles on a regular schedule. Since this is a car sharing community and the cars cannot be cleaned after every use, be sure to leave the vehicle in good condition for the next member by taking your personal belongings and removing any litter upon exiting the vehicle.


  • Are pets allowed in the vehicle?

    To ensure our members with pet allergies stay safe driving our vehicles, we ask you not to transport animals in our cars/vans.

    If you need to travel with a service animal, please contact the Clubhouse team so we can discuss your needs. Our number is 0345 266 9290 or email us at membership@enterprisecarclub.co.uk.

  • What if I'm running a bit late?

    Don’t worry; this happens to us all, which is why we make it as easy as possible to extend your reservation.


    You can extend your reservation from within the vehicles themselves by 15 minute increments. To do so simply press menu on the PIN pad in the glovebox and follow the instructions on screen. 


    If in doubt, please call the clubhouse team (for free from the PIN pad) to prevent any other members being inconvenienced. If members are late and do not let us know they’ll be charged a £30 late fee plus 20p per minute for the duration over their original reservation. Additionally, any costs accrued by any member who is kept waiting may be passed on.

  • Do I have to bring the vehicle back to the same location I picked the vehicle up from?

    Yes, at the end of your reservation you must return the vehicle to the same bay that you picked it up from.

  • What happens if there is a breakdown during the reservation?

    In the event of a breakdown, flat tire or other problem, call us immediately so we can dispatch our 24 hour roadside assistance.

  • What happens if I have an accident?

    Hopefully you will never have a bump but if you do, you only have to pay the damage waiver excess if the accident is deemed to be your fault (or a third party cannot be traced).If the repair cost is less than the applicable excess, you’ll only need to pay that amount .

    If you have an accident, refer to the in car handbook for information on what to do at the scene. If in doubt – the Clubhouse team are available on 0345 266 9290.

  • What do I do if the Car Club bay is blocked upon return?

    If the car club bay is blocked when you return the vehicle please contact the Clubhouse on 0345 266 9290 who will advise you on the best place to park the vehicle. 
    The vehicle must always be parked in a safe and legal location. Any PCN’s obtained as a result of illegal parking will be the responsibility of the member.

  • How do I end my reservation?

    Once you have turned the engine off, simply open the glove box and place the black key fob which is attached to the keys, in to the in-car pin pad and follow the on-screen prompts. Once done and you have collected all of your belongings, simply lock the car by holding your Enterprise Car Club membership card or contactless card over the contactless pad on the windscreen, or alternatively using our mobile app. Once you had heard the car lock please check the door to make sure they are locked before leaving. If you have any issues with any stage of this process, please give the Clubhouse a call on 0345 266 9290 whilst you are still with the vehicle and one of the team will be able to assist you.

  • What’s new about the new Nissan Leaf?

    The new Nissan Leaf has a range of 230 miles (155 miles more than previous version). The vehicle also has an e-pedal which allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal. This means it is perfect for stop and start traffic driving. The e-Pedal is activated and deactivated by a switch in the centre console. Check out this video for more information on the e-Pedal.

    To start the new Nissan Leaf please enter your PIN, remove the key from the pin pad, press the brake and hold the key against the start button. After 5 seconds, push the power button. The vehicle can now be driven.

  • Booking & Reservations

  • How do I reserve a vehicle?

    Our members can reserve for free, at any time, using the website, mobile app or in-car computer. Extensions of reservations made by telephone to the Clubhouse between 08:00 and 21:00 are also free of charge.


    Members can also contact our Clubhouse to create a reservation.  The following charges will be incurred. Reservations made by telephone between 08:00 and 21:00 are charged at £1.50 per call (irrespective of the number of reservations made). Reservations and extensions made by telephone between 21:00 and 08:00 (when Clubhouse is predominantly an emergency line) are charged at £5.00 per call. Extensions of reservations made over the telephone at any time on a public/bank holiday will be charged at £1.50 per call.

  • Will a vehicle be available when I need it?

    This is extremely important to us – our latest survey shows that our member’s first choice of vehicle was available in more than 80% of cases.

    In addition to this, our on-going survey shows that on the rare occasion that our members’ first choice of vehicle isn’t available, 99% of members are able to book an alternative vehicle close by for the time they wanted. Ensuring that members can reserve a vehicle whenever they need one, whether it’s right at the last minute or well in advance, is something we monitor on a very regular basis.

    If demand picks up in one area, we simply add more vehicles.

  • How quickly can I use the vehicle after reserving online?

    You can reserve a car or van a few minutes in advance (if available) and go to the vehicle straight away. Equally you can reserve up to one year in advance – we won’t charge you if you need to cancel just as long as you give at least 5 hours’ notice.

  • If I finish my reservation early will I still be charged for the full time I reserved?

    If you reserve a vehicle for 5 hours but only use it for 3.5 hours, you are still charged for the whole reservation. This is because the vehicle is unavailable to other members during your reservation.

    We advise you are realistic as possible when making a reservation as to avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Can I cancel my reservation?

    Of course! You may cancel a reservation at any time.

    If you cancel within 5 hours of its start time you will be liable for the cost of the reservation up to a maximum of £30.00.

    If you change or shorten a reservation (including cancelling a reservation after the start time) you may be charged up to the full cost of the reservation.

  • How do I find Special Rate vehicles?

    Special rate vehicles allow our members to rent certain vehicles for just £25/day on selected dates. You can find one by filtering your vehicle search to ‘specials’ on our mobile app or website when booking your next car.

  • Why can't I find any Special Rate vehicles?

    Some special rate vehicles are only available on a temporary basis, so a special rate vehicle you have previously rented may have now expired. Our special rate vehicles are also not available Wednesday-Tuesday surrounding a bank holiday weekend. This means you won't be able to pre-book a special rate vehicle if the date falls after a bank holiday - these rates will then be live again once the bank holiday has passed.

  • About Us

  • Where are your full terms and conditions?

    You will find a link to our Terms and Conditions on the footer of our website or by clicking here.

    This also outlines our other charges (including fines) and we strongly recommend reading this before joining. As much as we hate ‘rules’ too, we have to enforce them to ensure the smooth running of the club and for the benefit of all members.

  • What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

    If you are not satisfied with the service provided by Enterprise Car Club you can complain by e-mailing complaints@enterprisecarclub.co.uk

  • Can I contact you out of normal working hours?

    Of course. You can contact us outside of normal hours when:

    • You arrive at a vehicle and find damage that would make it unsafe or illegal to drive, e.g. driver’s side wing mirror glass missing, flat tyre, smashed window
    • You are involved in an accident that requires roadside assistance
    • The vehicle breaks down
    • A fuel station is unable to accept the fuel card and you do not have the means to pay yourself to submit receipt for a refund/credit
    • You are unable to access or start a vehicle after following the standard instructions

    If you accidentally leave the lights on and your reservation has ended, we ask you to make a new 30 minute reservation to re-access the car and switch them off; this can be credited retrospectively if you then contact us in office hours.

    Please leave a voicemail if;

    • You notice cosmetic damage that has not previously been reported on the damage card inside the vehicle
    • You need to extend your reservation (these will be chargeable at £5.00 per reservation if you call out of hours so use the on board handset if you can as using this is free of charge).*
    • The vehicle’s home bay is blocked and you have parked legally. Please leave a detailed message advising type of space, location, and approximate distance from the bay.
    • You need to report a dirty vehicle
    • You have left property in the vehicle (if you need this immediately you can make a 30 minute reservation to re-access the car and this can be credited retrospectively the next day if you get in touch with the Clubhouse team).
    • You have an account, invoice or membership queries, please contact during standard office opening hours.

    The Clubhouse opening hours are as follows:

    • Mon to Fri 0800 to 2000 (from 2000 to 0800 following morning out of hours emergency only)
    • Sat 0800 to 1830 (from 1830 to 0900 following morning out of hours emergency only)
    • Sun 0900 to 1830 (from 1830 to 0800 following morning out of hours emergency only)

    Bank/Public Holidays operate on Sunday hours unless specified.

    * Please refer to other charges section for out of hours reservations/extension costs.

  • Other

  • Enterprise Holdings Safety Recall Policy

    Policy: When Enterprise Holdings receives such a safety recall notice and the corresponding Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), it is Enterprise Holding’s policy to not rent such vehicles until the manufacturer’s specified remedy or authorized interim repair has been implemented.

    Process: After receiving the safety recall notice, Enterprise Holdings identifies affected vehicles by VIN and then places a “mandatory hold” on them in our rental management system. This “hold” directs the recall work be completed before renting the vehicle. Sometimes manufacturers advise that certain recalled vehicles can be safely operated once an authorized interim repair has been completed. In such cases, Enterprise Holdings may rent vehicles after the interim repair has been completed – but only until the final remedy is available.

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